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    Wed 28 Jul - 16:07
    Message by Orii~
    1. How long term do you think of moves, and how often does your prediction pay off.
    2. How do you move certain moves to your advantage (Perish Song, Roar)
    3. What is the general team strategy?
    4. What are the Pokemon
    5. How does each Pokemon contribute to the team?
    6. What necessary sacrifices are made to win?
    7. Can you identify your MVP of the match?
    8. How effective is your scouting skills?
    9. Are your Pokemon near flawless with designed EV spreads to help you combat a certain situation?
    10. What is your logic behind prediction?
    11. What is your favorite type of playstyle?
    12. What is your E4 Playstyle team? (Trick Room, etc.)
    13. What is the reason for choosing this playstyle?
    14. How do you plan to abuse the effects of this playstyle?
    15. What specific Pokemon come to mind when using this playstyle?
    16. Are there any MVP Pokemon in your team?

    SoulSilver FC: Tooned (1119-2842-3735)
    I do trading and competitive battling .
    However, I prefer to play Shoddy. I use Wi-Fi for RNG.

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